My First Date in a Dating App

I have been a user in a BBW dating app for about one year. At first, I just want to see if there is anyone who matches me so that I may find a boyfriend and that is not bad for me as my mother was always worried if I could get married. I downloaded many apps because I would like to know which one coule be the best for me. After geting used in curvy dating apps, I started to choose the most suitable one for myself and I just used this app for about one year. Now, I would like to tell you my real experience in hookup dating apps.

I should say that you shouldn’t trust your online partners so much. Why I say this? I will tell my story. In most dating apps, Basically, everyone looks at their faces at first. Handsome men and beautiful women will definitely be more popular in a hookup app. So all people tried to make their head photos look good.

However, now, PS technology and make-up technology is too developed, so there are a lot of photo fraud. Over 80% users in a dating app are more likely to use PS on their head photos and people will make up no matter girls or boys. And what is more interesting that you never know who you are talking with, a man or woman. When I was new in a dating app, I selected my gender orientation but in this app, you will see user’s moments no matter male or female. A boy came tot chat with me and I said hello.

Then, I went to see his photos like most people did. I found he was handsome and he always shared his life when climbing and hiking. I guessed he was a person who liked life. And I asked if he could go out and we could have dinner. To be honest, I didn’t want to hookup at that time and I just wanted to broaden my small circle. And he said yes. We agreed to meet each other on Sunday afternoon. I should say I was looking forward to this date. But on Sunday morning, he told me he hoped I would not mind he had a 8-year-old son. I was surprised as he was 25 year old in his profile and I asked when her had this baby. He told me when he was 28.

I was shocked at that time and I asked him he looked younger than that age and he told me it was a INS star on the photo and he thought I knew it. What should I say at that time, I didn’t know. If he never told me this thing, I maybe more arkward when I offline saw him and asked why he cheated me. And I just comforted myself that knowing this thing earier than in an offline dating could be better. If that happened, I may just ran away.

This is the most important tip I learnd from a dating app. I knew it was funny but I also met some good partners from it. Hope people won’t have the same experience as me.