Things you need to pay attention before dating a transgender

First of all, dating a transgender person is no different from dating anyone else, which requires the same amount of love and patience.

As someone who have dated a fair share of not only transgender women but also transgender men, as well as the co founder of one of the most popular transgender dating apps consisting of more than 7,8 millions registered users, I am going to be honest about what you need to know before dating a transgender girl or transgender guy.

In general, they are all individuals. No matter you are dating a ladyboy, crossgressing men, shemale or tomboy, there is no difference if you see them as beautiful human beings. However, if you zoom in a little bit into the specifics. It can be slightly different. Pay attention to the following universal things among all the transgender people which you ought to familiarize yourself with before enter in an exclusive relationship beforehand.

Educate yourself with the basics.

Maybe in your point of view, questions such as “What made you decide to be a transgender?” or “what is the difference is it between a homosexual and transgender?” will only make your transgender partner role the eyes. Since it is obvious that you wouldn’t even bother to take 2 minutes to do the research about the basics. Maybe you have your own idea about what transgender person is, but you will never get a comprehensive image about it if you don’t take initiatives. Thus it will be much appreciated if you pay google pr wikipedia a short visit in order to get to know more about your girls or ts guys. The key tip is try to focus on resource that is objective instead of biased ones.

Talk and set ground rules.

It is all natural to assume certain things especially when we don’t know much about it. Do you now what pronoun suits your transgender partner best? Is it she or he? If you are not sure, don’t be afraid to ask them. The last thing you want to do is annoying them by accidentally using the wrong pronoun. Because you never know how important it is for them. Before you escalate into physical with your t girls or t guys, sit down and talk with them to know what their limit of boundary is when it comes to the most intimate part. Set the ground rules will help you enormously on improving the relationship between you and your transgender partner.

Don’t label them.

Dont always refer your partner as transgender. Yes, I know they are, but there are also way more interesting factors about them. The last thing you want to do is fall in line with fantasy that you formed yourself in your head. Treat your partner like a person instead of a sexual object. Last but not least, go with the flow and see where it goes.