Don't Use Six Online BBW Dating Profile Pictures

Dating is an interesting and happy time for a lot of individuals. It offers adventure and a thrill of getting to know someone you've never met. But dating is different for everyone. Online local dating apps for plus size women or BBW is very different and can be a little alarming.

Sometimes, you will be wonder why you are always getting very few hits in your online dating profile. As a matter of fact, the key point is that your picture isn't attractive to others. A good picture can be surprisingly effective when you are on the BBW dating apps. Don't give your potential partners a reason to pass you. There are a couple of profile pictures you don't want to use.

1.Pictures of a group of people

Don't make the matches guess which one in the group you are, particularly if the person on your left is your ex-boyfriend. Just show a picture of you solo. It's a bad start if the other person who stand by you in the photo is better looking than you. In most cases, if people see a photo with more than one person in it, they are more likely to overlook it instead of guessing who are the right one.

2.Family Photos

If your profile picture is of you with your family then he tends to be considering that you are still living with your parents or at home. This can lead to misunderstanding that he is thinking that your family are making your decision life comprising who you're dating. Just get rip of your mom and dad from your profile picture. The same goes for your children. He needs to know you have kids, but it doesn't mean you should put them in your profile picture.

3.Too Much Skin

In fact, the photo in the profile make a first impression to other members. If you upload a photo with dressing swimsuit. The member could consider you are looking for a fling instead of finding a relationship. Therefore, make sure the photo you upload not show too much skin.

4.A pictures without you in it

If your profile picture is a picture of a cartoon character, food, pet, or someone not you, then you'll be missing out on a lot of action. If a guy uploads this kind of picture, you must be not interested in him. Keep in mind, no one gonna look at a profile with a cartoon character as a profile image.


As a matter of fact, other members may not think your selfies is cute and sexy as you think. Upload a real profile photo better than the selfie. If you don't think so, you can test with a proper picture and the selfie. The test results will certainly convince you of this fact.

6.Someting cover you

Don't upload a picture with wearing sunglasses or a hat that covers your face. It makes other members think you have something to hide. If you choose this kind of picture for online dating, it will give the impression that you are not frank. What's worse, members may think there is something wrong with your appearance or you are scammer.

5 Tips for Taking A Sex Selfie for Hot Cougars

If you are signing up on a cougar dating app or site, it is important to how to create an attractive profile. And the most important thing about a profile is your profile picture. As a matter of fact, many cougars want to be able to take a sexy picture that will attract cubs. Fortunately, this article mainly discusses how to make you take a sexy selfie.

If you want to attract more attention, it's necessary to have a picture of your perfect face. According to the experience of online daters, the women who upload the right profile pictures have more than sixty percent chance of attracting cubs. So, here are some tips to help you take a sexy selfie.

Consider location

In fact, both indoor and outdoor selfies take location and background into account. A good background will not only keep users from paying attention to you, it will also add to the overall beauty of your photos. The background is so important that it can increase the value of your selfies. For instance, if you take a selfie in the morning, make sure the background is clean and tidy. This also increases the chances that the cub will be attracted to you in your selfie.

Take a casual Picture

A casual photo will make a hot cougar more sexy. So put on your best clothes, put on makeup, and take a casual, confident pose for a selfie. Your attitude at that moment in the picture will be a catalyst to attract many young boys.

Choose the angle wisely

The best way to make a perfect selfie is to choose a sensible angle. And everyone's best angle is different. In fact, there are many factors that affect a picture includes the extent to which it reflects light and the amount of light falling on your body. Take everything into account, and you'll be able to take a good selfie.
Take everything into account, and you'll be able to take a good selfie. For example, choose a right angle will make you look more slim and sexy.

Go for filters

Whether you admit it or not, the filter is the best friend of the cougars. By experimenting with different shades, gradients, and editing, you can easily get a flawless selfie.

Share your life photo

Take some of the perfect pictures and share them with your profile. It also help you to catch the cubs attention on the dating sites.
But remember not to wear too revealing clothes in photos. The results can be devastating.

Overall, all of the above are essential for taking a good selfie. For all cougars, a good selfie profile picture on a local dating app may make it twice as easy to find your ideal cubs. Therefore, if you want to find an ideal cub faster, you must pay attention to the profile picture.

Things You Need to Know Before Have a Threesome With a Couple

If you are singles and you decide to be the third person in the bed, you will give yourself the chance to find a couple who are interested in having a threesome. Although it is not easy to find more of them, there are so many couples who are curious about this kind of fantasy. What you should worry about is what you need to know before actually having a three way with a couple. Here you can continue to read and find things that you may want to know.

First of all, you should know where you can find those couples who are interested in threesomes. If you want to feel easier and comfortable to meet and talk with those couples, your best choice is to try a threesome dating app, like 3rder. However, there are some other threesome apps available for you. 3rder is just one of the best among kinky singles and couples. It may be much easier for you to navigate. Just download one of those apps and place a profile there to allow others to get to know you. Those apps for swinger people are easy to use and very helpful. You will definitely find someone to talk within a short time.

Then, you need to have a conversation about safe sex with couples that you are interested in. It is not an awkward or bad topic to talk about because it concerns your health and safety. Those couples dating on threesome apps are someone you will never know in the real world, which means that you should never trust them easily. So, when you bring that topic you should get the test result that you want to see. And discuss with them about safe sex methods that they are using. Don’t arrange a threesome with a couple who are not interested in or not serious about this topic. It is for your own safety.

Pick public places to meet and better have several dates before actually having a three way. Online dating platforms are just a tool for you to meet those people and get a basic understanding. Face-to-face can really test whether you and the other people can get along well with each other. So, before actually do that, you should ask for several dates to establish connections between the three of you. And do remember to meet them at public places where you can feel relaxed and comfortable to talk with them. Anyway, they are two people and you don’t know what can happen during the meeting.

Why Skinny Men Prefer to Date BBWs Instead of Marrying Them?

BBW dating is one of most popular dating styles. As a matter of fact, chubby women are more attractive to skinny men at one point. It's hard to explain why happens the phenomenon of slim men tend to chase chubby women. Probably we assume it basis on personal preferences. In short, BBW dating apps which offer to meet and chat plus size women around the world have tens of thousands unique users on a daily basis. According to some survey, we found that some slim men are dating and having fun with plus size women but they are not tend to get into a serious relationship with them or marry them. Here are some reasons will explain all this.

1.In fact, it's something new for slim men that are attracted to chubby women and date them. They may have used to associated with skinny and slim women. It is a new attempt for them that associate with BBWs. Besides, it's obviously different fell that sexs with a fat women. Skinny men have a desire to try having fun with plus size women that's why having sex with them like a new adventure. Some skinny men tend to have sex with fat girl because of the curiosity. And after they check how it's like to go to bed with chubby women, usually they choose to ending relationship instead of making further development with them.

2.Another reason may be a sense of being ashamed to show off with a chubby woman in public. Most of the skinny men prefer to set up meeting points in the apartment instead of on the coffee house or a crowded public place. Skinny men seem to feel a little uncomfortable when it comes to meet outside and go together to restaurant or movie theater.

3.Compared with skinny women, BBWs seem to have a trend toward age easily and fast. This might be one of the reasons why men prefer to run away from the marriage with a plus size woman. Other than still looking charming, young and gorgeous, body fatty will make them look like 5 or even 10 older than physical age.

4.In most cases, skinny women who are maintaining shape and healthy have an ability to lose weight easily after childbirth, chubby women tend to gain more weight after childbirth. If a girl is really fat and has children, she tends to become very unhealthy. What's worse is that they can go completely shapeless after multiple childbirths, while husbands prefer their wives to keep in good shape.

5.When it comes to get pregnant and having babies, some BBWs have serious problems to get pregnant and having a baby because of their weight and health problems. Since almost all men are looking for a serious partner for marriage and having children together, it seems like chubby women less likely to become pregnant easily.

6.General health issues is an another topic to discuss here. Men prefer to have a healthy and fit companion so that they don't care too much for her health. While dating a chubby woman they need to care about her condition all the time and checking well if there is anything wrong with her body.

In a word, it looks like skinny men prefer to date and marry with a moderate build woman because they don't need to worry too much about companion's body and it's difficult to have a kid with BBWs. However, it doesn't mean that all men have the same idea. If you are a genuine BBW who is expected to marry, join proper dating apps and you are more likely to meet your prospective mate over there.

How to know if you are MTF transgender woman?

Are you transgender people, female to male, or male to female? This is a difficult question, which transgender people struggle to understand priors to transitioning. The reason for the struggle is a lack of clear information available, and sometimes denial on the part of the person who is transgender. There is a possibility that you are struggling with accepting you are transgender because you have repressed your gender identity for so long, and you can no longer deny it. There are two specific qualities which transgender people have.

People who are transgender have sometimes called dysphoria. Dysphoria is defined as a state of feel confusing. It varies from mild to extreme and typically centers around certain parts of the body commonly associated with being female. This dysphoria is associated with secondary sex characteristics such as having breasts, a more curvaceous figure, with a narrow waist and wider hips, a round face with soft features, and your current genitals. Do these qualities in your body cause you pain, discomfort, or feel wrong to you? Remember it can be mild to extreme. Then dysphoria can arise when people are perceived as female when they do not feel female. There are signs oof this pain or dysphoria. It can be manifested with anxiety, or depression, and a managed in actions which provide a temporary sense of numbing, like alcohol or drug use, or cutting, and can even lead to thoughts of suicide or even attempts. People who are transgender use these coping mechanisms and are not aware in the moment that this behavior is connected to they're dysphoria. It is only later that it make sense to them that they were struggling with how their body was, and how they were being perceived by others, and that these were actually major contributors to their coping mechanism.

While there are people who have depression, or anxiety, and people who struggle with cutting, and addictions, and these people are not transgender. The difference is for the person who is shemale, these things tend to decrease after transitioning when the dysphoria decreases. Having this severe response to dysphoria is not a requirement to be transgender. Not everyone who is transgender identifies with intense dysphoria. Others feel poorly about their body and their gender, but it will not be nearly as evident. people like this come to understand that they are transgender people by recognizing that they feel better if their body was different, if they were not perceived as female.

An example to illustrate dysphoria that I frequently see in trans men, is their efforts to hide their chest. They will wear a binder, or sports bra, and hunch their shoulders forward and then pull their shirt away from their body, especially whenthey sit. All of these behaviors create the appearance of a flat chest, and that appearance makes them more comfortable. This is a sign of dysphoria.

To determine if you have dysphoria, I want to ask you a few questions. How do you feel about your body as it is? Does it feel uncomfortable, painful, or just not right? Imagine you could never change it. What feeling arise from this thought? That thought may actually intensify dysphoria.

Ways to Keep A Transgender Date!

Okay, that might be true that it doesn't happen that quickly when you are new to someone and new into trans dating. To keep your trans date for a long time you have to win her or his heart. You must be their favourite person. First of all it is a time taking process to find the trans date of your choice. Keeping them for your life is really a big task and you have to work for it.

Make a good first impression on your Trans Date

First impression might mean a lot! It actually does whether you are meeting someone personally or on a dating website or app. 
First impression marks a good sign of your future with your tranny date. When you are meeting someone for the first time always try to show best side of yours. Do not try to be something different from what you are. Just be yourself that's the best impression you can make. Because in the longer period you'll not be able to copy what you are not. First of all, set a positive attitude. Positivity is the key to a healthy impression on someone. Every woman, trans or not, love to be around those guys who have a smile on their face. So smile and make them smile. They are looking someone positive and who can inspire them as well. 

Keep a conversation going smoothly

So, why are you dating for. Love and a person whom you can talk with. Share your topics and can listen to theirs. So when you are with your trans date try to talk to them more and more. Know their things, tell about yours. What interests you and what not and talk something about they can put questions to you as well and keep the conversation going. Try something you can get answers on from your partner. Not just make them listen to you continuously. That's so stupid and boring at the same time. However, don’t try to lie just to please your date and to keep a nice conversation. That's wont help you anyhow. Sooner or later the real things will be revealed and you will have to pay the price for it. Show them the real you and talk about the real things in you and try to engage them in your talks so that you may know more about your partner. And that's how you can keep your trans date for a long time.

Stay consistent

Stay consistent in loving your partner, making them happy and proud of you in your trans relationship is the right approach to keep a trans date for a long duration. That just means keep making efforts. Try more and more. Maybe you are not the right person for them and they are not the right one for you but that doesn't mean you'll stop trying. The more efforts you are willing to put in the better the things will be between you to you keep making genuine efforts you'll sure find a genuine trans date and you'll keep them for a long long time . Good luck.

How to Ask Your Partner for a Threesome and How to Do it without Jealousy?

There are many people who are interested in having a threesome with their partner. However, they usually stop fantasize about it after thinking about how to ask them and how to do it without jealousy. It is true that ask your partner for a couple dating could bring him/her an idea that you are just wanting to have sex with another person. Having a threesome have the potential to damage your relationship. It is very right for you to ask someone for advice before hand if you still want it. Here are some tips and advice for you on how to ask your partner for a threesome and how to do it without anyone getting jealous.

First, how to ask your partner for a threesome dating. You mustn't leave him/her an impression that you want to have sex with another person. Think of it another way, what if you say that you want to watch him/her with another person. You are just thinking about him/her with another person, not you. This is a great way to say it. There's another way to do it without even asking. First of all, you need to both get used to talk about sex. If you are already, that will be very easy. You can just bring the threesome topic out and discuss with him/her about what he/she thinks of threesome. If he/she is interested, you don't even need to ask. However, if your partner is very conservative and very resistant to this topic, maybe you should take it slow or just give it up for the sake of your relationship.

Usually, the most happened circumstances are two girls with one boy. There are also three girls, three boys or two boys and one girl. But these circumstances are much less. So we will focus more on the first situation, which is two girls and one boy. How to do it without anyone feels jealous? Mostly, the third person has smaller chances of getting jealous, since that she is the outsider technically speaking. Therefore, jealousy often happens between the couple. The only way to prevent that from happening is to avoid being selfish. Always put your partner before you. Make her feel loved and cared. Take care of her feelings and make sure he/she feels comfortable with this. If he/she does not feel right, stop immediately. Remember that you are in a relationship with your partner. If you still want this relationship, do not cross the line. Follow rules and respect his/her boundaries. That is the right way to do it.

On the other hand, you should also take care of the third person. Make her feel welcomed, or you might just have sex with your partner as well.