What is the Difference Between Flirt and Real Appreciation?

In daily life, the relationship between boys and girls is very complicated. Sometimes the intentions are ambiguous. It's hard to tell if he's only into tinder hookup or serious relationship. Let's dive deeper into this question.

What is the difference between flirt or real appreciation
Real appreciation can be reflected in action, while flirt is only limited to words. Real appreciation definitely isn't just sending some ambiguous words over the phone in the middle of the night, but actually doing good things for you.

People who only want flirt or casual dating always claim that they are busy when you are sick or feel uncomfortable, and then tell you to take care of yourself. Those who actually like you will immediately appear in front of you, take care of you and accompany you.

So the most straightforward way to distinguish between flirt and real appreciation is that once you are sick, you can tell a little bit of things. People into hookups will hide away from you, while those who really like you will give you the warmest company.

When you like someone, you will be afraid of losing him/her. But when you just into adult dating or flirt, you are afraid of further relationship. People who like you can't wait to hold you in their arms all the time. They would want to tell the world that you are theirs. They wouldn't want anyone to share your love with.

People who are into adult hookups will not let you integrate more into their life. They will always hide from you. They are afraid that others will know and rarely take you to friends gatherings. They are even more afraid of establishing a relationship with you. They don't like answering too many private questions and don't feel like to reveal too much of their life with you.

If you like someone, you are more likely to forgive the mistake he/she made, but if you are only into casual hookup, you won't. Boys who are into hookups and flirt are very selfish. They only pay attention to their own feelings. They won't think about whether the girl will get hurt or not. So when a girl feels sad or if she made some mistakes, he wouldn't waste time to talk to her or to forgive. Instead, he chose to walk away instantly.

Real appreciation lasts longer than flirt
When you like someone, you would want to treat them with sincerity ang honesty. However, when you are only into hookups or flirt, the soul purpose of you being together is to have fun or to kill time. You wouldn't want to invest anything long-term on that person.