Why Skinny Men Prefer to Date BBWs Instead of Marrying Them?

BBW dating is one of most popular dating styles. As a matter of fact, chubby women are more attractive to skinny men at one point. It's hard to explain why happens the phenomenon of slim men tend to chase chubby women. Probably we assume it basis on personal preferences. In short, BBW dating apps which offer to meet and chat plus size women around the world have tens of thousands unique users on a daily basis. According to some survey, we found that some slim men are dating and having fun with plus size women but they are not tend to get into a serious relationship with them or marry them. Here are some reasons will explain all this.

1.In fact, it's something new for slim men that are attracted to chubby women and date them. They may have used to associated with skinny and slim women. It is a new attempt for them that associate with BBWs. Besides, it's obviously different fell that sexs with a fat women. Skinny men have a desire to try having fun with plus size women that's why having sex with them like a new adventure. Some skinny men tend to have sex with fat girl because of the curiosity. And after they check how it's like to go to bed with chubby women, usually they choose to ending relationship instead of making further development with them.

2.Another reason may be a sense of being ashamed to show off with a chubby woman in public. Most of the skinny men prefer to set up meeting points in the apartment instead of on the coffee house or a crowded public place. Skinny men seem to feel a little uncomfortable when it comes to meet outside and go together to restaurant or movie theater.

3.Compared with skinny women, BBWs seem to have a trend toward age easily and fast. This might be one of the reasons why men prefer to run away from the marriage with a plus size woman. Other than still looking charming, young and gorgeous, body fatty will make them look like 5 or even 10 older than physical age.

4.In most cases, skinny women who are maintaining shape and healthy have an ability to lose weight easily after childbirth, chubby women tend to gain more weight after childbirth. If a girl is really fat and has children, she tends to become very unhealthy. What's worse is that they can go completely shapeless after multiple childbirths, while husbands prefer their wives to keep in good shape.

5.When it comes to get pregnant and having babies, some BBWs have serious problems to get pregnant and having a baby because of their weight and health problems. Since almost all men are looking for a serious partner for marriage and having children together, it seems like chubby women less likely to become pregnant easily.

6.General health issues is an another topic to discuss here. Men prefer to have a healthy and fit companion so that they don't care too much for her health. While dating a chubby woman they need to care about her condition all the time and checking well if there is anything wrong with her body.

In a word, it looks like skinny men prefer to date and marry with a moderate build woman because they don't need to worry too much about companion's body and it's difficult to have a kid with BBWs. However, it doesn't mean that all men have the same idea. If you are a genuine BBW who is expected to marry, join proper dating apps and you are more likely to meet your prospective mate over there.