Understand What Bigender Means

I believe that as the trans hookup finders who want to find the transgender dating on local dating app, you all have a certain understanding of the transgender, and know that the transgender is a very broad field, which involves many different aspects that need our continuous in-depth exploration and research. Among them, a branch that confuses many trans dating finders is bigender. Maybe this article will give you a thorough understanding of bigender.

Bigender is a special area of gender identity, not sex at birth. Literally, we can know that bigender refers to people with two genders. These two genders can exist in many ways. These two genders can exist at the same time, can also smoothly change between them, can also exist at the same time according to a certain proportion and so on.

Since we said that bigender is about gender identity, not sex, we can infer that these two genders are not limited to men and women. As we all know, there are many other categories in gender field, including not only binary men and women. For example, binary, agent, nonbinary, etc. So, bigender can be any two of all genders. A bigender person can be nonbinary and girls, binary and boys, etc. In short, gender in bigender is not limited to men and women.

Many trans dating finders, including me, confuse two types of gender identity: bigender and genderfluid. It is true that this kind of gender identity is similar to a large extent, but they are also fundamentally different. As we mentioned above, bigender is designed for any two genders, while genderfluid is not limited to two genders, but can flow freely between all genders. And, if you like, genderfluid can have multiple genders at the same time.

Some trans hookup finders may wonder whether bigender people belong to the category of transgender or the category of trans. In fact, bigender is really under the umbrella of nonbinary. A lot of bigender people never think that they are transgender people, or even for some time, they don't think that they belong to the umbrella of nonbinary. They are not cisgender people, and their experience has a lot to do with the transgender people. Therefore, it is reasonable to think that bigender people belong to trans. If you want, you can belong to nonbinary or trans, but if you don't want to, you can not belong to any kind of people. You are yourself. Moreover, as a bigender person, you can change your name, or you can change your gender through medical treatment, which depends on you.

Besides the meaning of bigender itself, the sexual orientation of bigender people is also worthy of our in-depth study. Many bigender people have doubts about whether they should consider them homosexual. In fact, words like homosexuality don't really apply to nonbinary, and there's no specific perfect answer. A bigender person may be interested in girls, boys or bigender. Because of this gender diversity, we cannot answer this question accurately. In a word, you should do everything according to your mind.