When you should avoid using online hookup apps?

You just ended a serious relationship

If you are ending a long-term relationship, then you are very likely to turn to the help or online dating and hookup apps, believing the bullshit of the best wat to get over a relationship is to enter another one. But the truth is that it takes time to get out of a love relationship and it often takes longer than you think it does. You may not want to start curvy dating because it may prevent you from dealing with the emotional pain caused by the breakup. But neither should you be engaging in one night hookup. If you don't have the process to deal with your last relationship and think about it, you will make yourself hurt again, or rush to do something that is not for you, which you might end up with regret.

So, if you are coming out of the shadow of a love relationship, revisit other aspects of your life before entering a date or hookup. Take time to do something about your favorite hobbies and participate I activities with friends. Learn a new skill. Focus on your career on taking it to the next level. Take time to follow your heart and build a completely independent life that you love without partner. Then you can start enjoying the fun and pleasure of dating. It is fun and easy to get to know and attract high quality women.

You are using it as a way to avoid interacting with people in real life
The other reason to avoid using hookup apps is if you use them as crutches. That is, as an excuse to avoid anxiety when you are close to women. Don't succumb to the fear and anxiety when facing a woman, you should learn to overcome it. Not only does this help you get to know more women, but you can also build confidence and social skills that will have a positive impact on every aspect of your life.

So what is the best way to overcome fear and anxiety? Through experience. With enough experiences, getting close to beauty will become your second nature. As for how to get this experience, the key is to be consistent and make small improvements every day.

For example, if you are nervous when making eye contact with a woman, start with eye contact with 5 women every day. Check if you can stay long enough to determine what color her eyes are. After you have done this for a few days, say hello to them. Then go one step further and start the conversation with some funny jokes. If you can work tirelessly and constantly push your interactions further and further, you will soon be able to approach a fascinating woman without fear.

These are circumstances in which you should avoid using online hookup apps. Online dating should not be a way of lifestyle, but an ingredient for your life. This is the right way to take it.